Class 14

Hello and welcome to Class 14’s webpage. We are a class of Year 6 pupils who are taught by Mrs Hickling. Luckily for her, and us, the majority of us were taught by her last year so we are ready and raring to go with all that lies ahead in Year 6.  Should you wish to witness how hard we work and how well we support one another as a team, then you’ll find us down the Year 6 corridor next to the school library. The pupils of Class 14 are also taught by Ms Vaughan on a Wednesday as she covers Mrs Hickling.


This term in English we have been focusing our writing on The Battle of Britain as our understanding of this significant event has been closely linked to our Topic of World War Two. As a class, we have been developing our strategies and skills in note making whilst listening to audio clips of fighter pilots and worked in groups to share and discuss the qualities of these individuals. We have also enhanced our comprehension skills and the ability to extract key information from texts which we were then able to magpie in our own writing. These processes have enabled us to plan, edit and finalise a cohesive piece of writing based on the description of a fighter pilot.


In Maths, Class 14 have continued to extend their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages and how these closely relate to one another. We have learnt strategies to enable us to: find equivalent fractions, common denominators and add, subtract and multiply fractions. A significant amount of time has been spent on this to achieve secure subject knowledge. More recently, we have been finding quantities of amounts using the Singapore bar method and using this strategy to solve problems in different contexts. Next term we will continue using the bar method to answer ratio and proportion questions and revisit geometry.


This half-term we have started the epic topic of World War Two. First of all, we found out why, how and who started this devastating war and the impact this had on Great Britain and Europe. We also learnt in detail about The Battle of Britain (see our English sub-heading above), the life of an evacuee and the weekly rationing portions which families received. Mrs Hickling’s grandma was 14 years old when WW2 started so we posed questions to her which she happily answered over mini-video clips which Mrs Hickling’s parents filmed. It was fantastic to see and hear first-hand accounts – her memory was very impressive! We will continue with this topic after the half-term break and look closely into the life of Anne Frank.

Drug Aware

As part of our Science and P.S.H.E. curriculum, Class 14 have participated in Drug Aware sessions this half-term. These lessons were based on group and whole class discussions regarding the risks and effects that drugs can have on your body and the impact of media on the choices young people and adults make. We also discussed any worries or concerns which the class may currently have or may develop later in the academic year (in relation to SATs and transition) and shared strategies on how to cope and deal with these.

Our lessons were class and group discussion based.

Learning about the effects drugs have on the body and mind.

Road Safety Quiz

On Monday 5th February, the children from Key Stage Two participated in the annual Road Safety Quiz run by Nottingham City Council. In preparation for this event, Mrs Hickling and Ms Vaughan quizzed our knowledge on how to stay safe on the road and we had time to read and analyse the leaflets we had been provided with. We were keen to exceed last year’s results and were very happy to hear that as Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5 and 6) our average was 81%! Let’s hope that Year 3 and 4 achieved high results too so that we can reach the Road Safety Quiz 2018 final later in the spring term.

Reading up on the key facts for The Road Safety Quiz.


It’s really important to know how to be safe on the roads.


Here we are ready and prepared for the quiz.


In the two P.E. lessons which Class 14 have per week, they have focused on athletic skills and activities e.g. javelin, chest push, balance, speed bounce and vertical jump and developed their table tennis skills. They will continue to have these two sessions after half-term.

It is reminded that P.E. kits need to be in school at all times. Please refer to the school website regarding appropriate school uniform and P.E. kit.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hickling