Class 12

Welcome to Class 12!  We are a class of wonderful year five and year 6 children.  Our teacher is Miss Nicholson and sometimes we are lucky enough to have Mrs Rowe or Mrs Vaughan to help us.


This half term in maths, we have been looking at: fractions, decimals and percentages. The year six children in our class have been learning about ratio and proportion.  We found it hard at first but now we understand!


This term in English, our writing has been based on our topic ‘World War Two’.  Firstly, we learned about evacuation.  We created a character that had to be evacuated but we learned that it was not just children that were evacuated.  In our class, we had letters from a range of characters, including: an elderly lade, a pregnant woman, a mother with a young child and children of school-age.  After this, we started learning about the Battle of Britain.  We have used this knowledge to write our own story set during this time.  Our story includes a dilemma that our main character has to overcome!


In ICT we have been learning about multimedia.  To improve our photography, we have looked at how to use a tripod and how to use a camera correctly.  We have learned how to edit and improve pictures and we now know that pictures are made up of pixels!


In science, we have learned about life cycles.  We have started by looking at the life cycles of animals and next term we will look at the life cycles of plants.  So far, we have learned about the life cycles of amphibians, insects and mammals. Next we will be looking at a few more examples of life cycles then comparing them.

World War Two

This term we have been learning about World War Two.  As part of this topic, we have learned about: how, when and why the war began; the evacuation of children and vulnerable adults; what rationing was and why we had to do it; the role of women before, after and during the war; and the Battle of Britain.

Nottingham Trent University

At the start of this half term, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the student ambassadors of Nottingham Trent University.  We learned all about university and the sort of subjects you can study there.

Drug Aware and D.A.R.E

This term we have learned about the risks and dangers of drugs.  We have learned how to keep our body healthy by avoiding drugs and smoking when we are older. We have discussed what peer pressure is and how to be confident about saying no!


This half term in PE, we have been learning basketball skills on a Wednesday.  We have been improving our skills in various basketball drills and we have even been playing basketball games.  On a Thursday, the year five children have continued to develop their table tennis skills.

By Class 12


We have PE on a Wednesday and a Thursday.

We get our spelling homework on a Monday. It needs to be handed in the following Monday.

We get our Maths homework on a Friday. It needs to be handed in the following Friday.

Our Reading Diary is to be completed five times a week.

Miss Nicholson