Class 12

Welcome to Class 12!  We are a class of wonderful year five and year 6 children.  Our teacher is Miss Nicholson and sometimes we are lucky enough to have Mrs Rowe or Mrs Vaughan to help us.


In RE, have been learning about Jesus and his life.  We found out that people picture Jesus in different ways.  For example, people in England tend to picture Jesus with lighter skin and long hair.  We also learned about different stories that Jesus told, for example The Good Samaritan in which an injured man was helped by a traveller.  Lastly, we learned about the childhood of Jesus.

By Mia and Grace.

Our topic books!


In Science, we have been learning about microorganism such as mould and bacteria.  We made cheese sandwiches and put them in different parts of the classroom.  We are looking to see what makes mould grow quickly.

By Callum, Cameron and Grace

Our mould experiment!


This term we have learned about lots of different things including: prefixes, conjunctions, different types of nouns, adjectives and powerful verbs.  We have also learned about imagery such as metaphors, similes and personification.  We used these skills to write a character description based on ‘Leon and the Place Between’ and a recount of our trip to Goose Fair.

By Sam, Angel and Lilly



In our topic sessions, we are learning about fairgrounds.   We worked as a class to create our own fairground display.  We made fairground rides for it that are colourful and cool.  We also made some bumper cars and carousel horses to decorate the classroom/display.  Take a look at the picture below to see our awesome display.  We can’t wait to carry on with our topic next half term…

By Lorelle and Cameron

We worked together to make this art work!

Our Trip to Goose Fair

As a school trip, year 5 and 6 went to Goose Fair on October 5th 2017.  The good thing about the trip was that no-one got lost, no-one was sick and no-one got hurt.  The bad thing was that we didn’t want to leave Goose Fair and go home! All in all, it was a great trip that we really enjoyed – it was the best day of school EVER!

By Mckenzie and Luke

The carousel!

We loved the carousel!

The Waltzers!


In ICT we have learned about E-Safety.  We have been creating posters for the E-Safety display in the ICT suite.  We have been working on our design skills and we have been using these skills to make place mats.  We used Microsoft Word and pictures from the internet.

By Teegan, Ella and Jack


In our interesting PE sessions, we have been learning about athletics in which we do sprinting, relay races, balancing and more.  We need to have our PE kits in everyday as we have two sessions a week on a Wednesday and a Thursday.

By Beth and Anujin


We have learned about addition and subtraction in Maths.  We have also learned how to add and subtract decimals using the column method.  In addition to this we have learned about place value of numbers – we especially enjoyed learning about negative numbers!  Some of us even learned how to add and subtract negative numbers.

By Ewan, Brooke-Mae and Joel


We have PE on a Wednesday and a Thursday.

We get our spelling homework on a Monday. It needs to be handed in the following Monday.

We get our Maths homework on a Friday. It needs to be handed in the following Friday.

Our Reading Diary is to be completed five times a week.

Miss Nicholson