Class 12

Welcome to Class 12!  We are a class of wonderful year five and year 6 children.  Our teacher is Miss Nicholson and sometimes we are lucky enough to have Mrs Rowe or Mrs Vaughan to help us.


This half term in maths, we have been looking at: area, perimeter, properties of shapes and pie charts. We learned about how to find the area and perimeter of compound shapes with missing sides.  In addition to this, we learned how to find the area of parallelograms and triangles.  As part of this, we recapped the features of parallelograms and triangles.


This term in English, our writing has been based on our topic ‘Anne Frank’.  We have read the story of her life and used this to learn about the situation for Jewish people in Germany during WWII.  We used Anne’s experiences to write our own diary entry. During our grammar sessions we have learned about: the passive and active voice; pronouns and determiners; verb forms and verb tense; and finally, possessive and contraction apostrophes.  We now have to try to use the things we have learned in our own writing.

We had some great outfits for World Book Day…

Also, a big well done to our entrant for the school Speaking and Listening competition who did a brilliant presentation of world records!


In ICT we have been learning about multimedia.  Now we know all about photography and using digital cameras, we are combining these skills with PowerPoint.  So, we have recapped the feature of PowerPoint and we are inserting pictures to make a slideshow.


In science, we have learned about life cycles.  Last term, we started by looking at the life cycles of animals and this term we have looked at the life cycles of plants.  Now we know all about the reproductive parts of flowering plants and the process of pollination. We worked with Anna, our school gardener, to look at the life cycle of plants around our school.

Anne Frank

This term we have been learning about the life of Anne Frank.  As part of this topic, we have learned about how it would feel to be a Jewish child in a Nazi-led country during World War Two.  We have learned about this through the experiences of Anne Frank and other Jewish children who lived during World War Two.  We have learned all about the negative impacts of prejudice and discrimination.

The Holocaust Memorial Centre

As part of our Anne Frank topic, we travelled to the Holocaust Memorial Centre just north of Nottingham.  We learned about a boy called Leo, who was a young Jew who lived in Berlin during WWII, and how he managed to escape Germany on the Kindertransport.


This half term in PE, we have been improving our fitness on a Wednesday.  As part of this we get very hot and sweaty doing circuit training!  On a Thursday, the year five children have continued to develop their table tennis skills.


There has been lots of snow this term!  We managed to get outside and enjoy it!

By Class 12


We have PE on a Wednesday and a Thursday.

We get our spelling homework on a Monday. It needs to be handed in the following Monday.

We get our Maths homework on a Friday. It needs to be handed in the following Friday.

Our Reading Diary is to be completed five times a week.

Miss Nicholson