Class 11

Class 11

Hello and welcome to Class 11, we are a fantastic year 5 class! Our teacher this year is Mr. Goff. We are being supported by Mrs. Rowe, Mrs. Vaughan and Mr. Stirland. This term Miss Cadge has joined the team and will be staying until the end of Spring 2.



This term in English we have improved our knowledge of commas and how they are used to separate clauses and create a relative clause. We have also widened the amount of punctuation we can use to include brackets. We have continued our work on word classes and how to identify whether a word is an adverb, verb or adjective etc. In the final weeks we are going to write a letter from the perspective of an evacuee in World War 2 as this links with our topic work.


This term we have focused on learning the formal written methods for multiplication (short or column multiplication) and division (the bus stop method). We have used increasingly large numbers in our calculations and then moved on to applying what we have learned to word problems. In the final 2 weeks of the term we have begun our work on fractions. We have started by discussing what a fraction is then moved on to fractions of shapes and fractions of amounts. We will then move on to simplifying fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and finally comparing and ordering fractions.

Next term we will begin be discussing what a decimal is and when we may see a decimal number. We will then move on to rounding with decimals, ordering and completing calculations with decimals in them. Alongside this we will continue our weekly arithmetic and mental maths lessons.


Our topic for the Spring Term is World War 2. We have looked at many aspects of this important historical event such as why the war was started, the geography of countries in Europe before and afterwards and the evacuation of children to the countryside. We use what we have learned to support us in writing a letter from the perspective a child evacuee.

Next half term we will continue to learn about World War 2. We will learn about Anne Frank and hope to arrange an exciting field trip linked to this topic!


We have been very busy in Science this term. We have learned about the lifecycles of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. This has included looking at how and where the animals lay their eggs (or give birth) and how they change during their lifecycles, this included discussing metamorphosis.

Next half term we will turn our attention to plants. We will look at the lifecycles of plants, the conditions they need to survive and the parts that make up a flowering plant. This will be a hands-on experience as the children will be planting their own seeds and watching them grow. We have already started to look at the signs of spring around the school.

Please remember that P.E. kits need to be in school at all times. Please refer to the school website regarding appropriate school uniform and P.E. kit.

(Mr Goff)