Class 11

Hello and welcome to Class 11, we are a fantastic year 5 class! Our teacher this year is Mr. Goff. We are being supported by Mrs. Rowe, Mrs. Vaughan and Mr Stirland.


This term in English we have been laying the foundations for the year ahead. We have looked at the different word classes such as nouns, adjectives and adverbs. We have looked carefully at how we construct sentences, what conjunctions we should use and how we can improve the accuracy of our punctuation. Each week we have been writing creatively during our super sentence lessons. Next term we will look in more detail at our story of Leon and the Place Between. We will look at the language used in the text, the images used to support the story and how the story creates atmosphere and intrigue.


This term we have developed our knowledge of place value. We have learnt how to read large numbers up to 9,999,999 as well as what happens when we multiply or divide numbers by 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000 etc. We have also learnt strategies to help us with some tricky mathematical concepts such as rounding and comparing large numbers. At the end of the term we began to look at the formal method of column addition. We will continue this next term and then move on to column subtraction as well as formal methods of division and multiplication. When we learn these formal methods we will put them into practice to solve word problems and other mathematical reasoning challenges. Whilst making our fairground rides we will be measuring materials accurately.


This term we enjoyed a fantastic trip to Goose Fair! We looked at the different sorts of rides at the fair, how they moved, how they looked and the sounds they made. Many children went on rides such as The Waltzers, The Haunted House or The Frog Ride. In addition to this, some children played on games such as Hook-a-Duck or purchased some food to take home. Following our visit we will be learning about the history of Nottingham Goose Fair and its importance to the local community. Towards the end of term we will be designing and making our very own fairground rides! This will involve many skills and processes from woodwork to building electrical circuits.





In keeping with the fairground topic we will be learning about electricity and circuits to equip ourselves with the appropriate knowledge to make our rides. We will learn about what electricity is, what the different components of a circuit are and how these different components can affect the success of a circuit.

In addition to this, we have begun an experiment investigating what will happen to a cheese sandwich if we don’t throw it away. We already know it will go mouldy so we have decided to investigate whether a sandwich placed on a windowsill or a sandwich placed in a cupboard will grow more mould. Once we have our results we will discuss them and reach a scientific conclusion based on our observations.

We are also observing the affects the changing of the seasons has on plants. We are starting a photographic diary of two trees to observe there change over time.

Please remember that P.E. kits need to be in school at all times. Please refer to the school website regarding appropriate school uniform and P.E. kit.

(Mr Goff)