Class 11


Hello and welcome to Class 11, we are a fantastic year 5 class! Our teacher this year is Mr. Goff. We are being supported by Mrs. Rowe, Mrs. Vaughan, Miss Bradshaw and Mr. Stirland.


Our topic for the Spring term was WWII. We learned many interesting facts about this historical event and paid particular attention to how the war affected children, specifically evacuees. We wrote a letter from the perspective of an evacuee who had just settled with their new family. This allowed us to demonstrate many of the skills we have learned so far this year. We had to write descriptively to describe the train journey to our new home as well as describing the new house we were going to live in. We had to write with emotion to describe how it the child feel to be living with a strange new family and of course we ensured how work was well punctuated and used powerful language.

In the summer term our topic is Natural Disasters! We will undertake research using a variety of methods, such as information texts and the internet to research a natural disaster. Once this information is gathered, we will look how to structure an information text and how this differs from fiction. We will then plan and write our own text.



This term we have finished our work on fractions we started by discussing what a fraction is then moved on to fractions of shapes and fractions of amounts. We then moved on to simplifying fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and finally comparing and ordering fractions.

After our fractions we started a new topic on decimals. We started with discussing what a decimal is and when we may see a decimal number. We then moved on to rounding with decimals, ordering and completing calculations with decimals in them.

Next term we will finish our work on decimals by converting between units of measurements (e.g. centimeters to meters or milliliters to liters. We will then learn about percentages and how they relate to decimals and fractions and learn how to calculate percentages. We will then begin or new topic, Geometry. We will learn how to identify and measure angles or calculate missing angles of a shape. We will learn how to identify 3D shapes from their 2D representations as well as how to represent the position of a shape following translation or reflection.

Arithmetic tests will continue to be part of the weekly timetables.


Last term our topic was WW 2. We looked at many aspects of this important historical event such as why the war was started, the geography of countries in Europe before and afterwards and the evacuation of children to the countryside. We use what we have learned to support us in writing a letter from the perspective a child evacuee. At the end of term we went to the Holocaust Memorial Centre near Newark. We really enjoyed this visit and learning about the journeys Jewish people took to try to flee persecution.

As noted above our new topic for Summer 1 is Natural Disasters! We learn about the different sorts of natural disasters, what causes them and how they impact upon geography and our lives.


In science we turned our attention to life cycles of plants. We learned about the difference between flowering and non-flowering plants and how their life cycles differed. To support this we have planted our own pea seeds so we can observe the life cycle of a plant from start to finish. They have only just germinated!



Please remember that P.E. kits need to be in school at all times. Please refer to the school website regarding appropriate school uniform and P.E. kit.

(Mr Goff)