Date for your Diary!

There are quite a few exciting events and dates to remember this half term.

Relationship and Sex Education   11.6.18.

Year 4 pupils will complete 3 lessons about growing, changing and puberty. These lessons will take place in the week beginning 11.6.18.

Farnborough D.T. Visit   12.6.18.

On Tuesday 12th June,  Year 4 pupils will visit Farnborough School to experience D.T. lessons. They will leave the Milford Academy at 9.00am and return in time for lunch.

Warwick Castle Visit  19.6.18.

Year 3 and 4 pupils will visit Warwick Castle on 19.6.18. They will need a packed lunch for the day.  They will not return to Milford until 4.4pm.

What an exciting few weeks!

Mrs Haslam and Mrs Cassidy




The Year 4 children spent today making their castles in groups. After planning and improving their designs, they used the materials they had gathered from home to construct their castles. The children made sure to include features such as the drawbridge, the battlements, the arrow slits and the curtain wall.

Robin Hood Role Play

This week, Year 4 children have been deepening their understanding of  the Robin Hood legend through drama. Groups enthusiastically performed chapters of the  story. The drama work helped children develop key vocabulary within the story and consider the feelings and motives of characters.

Look out for our Robin Hood adventure stories!

Mrs Cassidy

What a plant needs to grow…

As part of our Science topic ‘Plants’ the year 4 children have been investigating what a plant needs to grow. We attempted to grow cress but removed either the water, the nutrients (soil) or the light. We found that to grow healthy cress we needed all three of these things. We have also been gardening and have planted both cosmos and sweetcorn. These plants are getting water, nutrients and light and should begin to grow very soon.