The Romans at Wollaton Hall

Class 8 and 10 spent today at Wollaton Hall. We learnt all about Roman life including what types of food they ate, what they wore and what games they played. We then looked at lots of Roman artefacts with Peter the archaeologist and discussed what these objects told us about how the Romans lived. It was a really fun day and we learnt lots of Roman facts.

Drug Awareness

As part of  our drug awareness program in school, Year 4 children have been discussing cigarettes.  Children have been discussing the health risks of cigarettes. They have also considered laws on smoking in public places and laws on buying cigarettes.

Year 4 pupils have been discussing lifestlye choices and ways in which friends may try to influence us. Everyone has had a chance to role play making their own decisions.

Mrs Haslam and Mrs Cassidy

Digital Media

The Year 4 children have been using cameras as part of their Digital Media work in ICT. They have learnt to take photos in landscape and portrait, how to zoom in and how to delete. Next week, they will be uploading photos and editing their pictures.


Looking after our teeth!

Year 4 children have been looking at boiled egg shells in different liquids. We wanted to link this to how liquids act on teeth. We put boiled eggs into water, milk, orange juice, apple juice and coke. After only 4 days we could see a difference in the egg shells.

The egg shells in water and milk had not changed at all. The egg shell in orange juice had lost the outer layer and looked white. The egg shell in apple juice had also lost part of the outer layer, looking white in parts and where the layer was left, it had turned a dark brown. The egg shell in coke had turned dark brown and felt gritty.

We will leave the egg shells a few more days to find out what happens next…

Mrs Haslam and Mrs Cassidy

Gallery Exhibition

Congratulations Year 4!

It was wonderful to see The Milford Academy masks, journey Poems, portrait work and word drawings displayed in the Nottingham Contemporary!

The enthusiasm, motivation and determination everyone displayed during the project was reflected in the art work at the gallery!

The partnership project with the Nottingham Contemporary, the artists Perter and Sian and the Milford Academy has been an inspiring experience.

Well done everyone!

Hopefully pupils and family will visit the exhibition on the weekend as well!

Mrs Haslam and Mrs Cassidy