Class 10

Hello and welcome to Class 10! We are a class of brilliant and hardworking Year 4 children and our teacher is called Mrs Cassidy. We will also be taught by Mrs Beri on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Last half term we were looking at ‘Stories from Other Cultures’ and we read both ‘The Honey Hunter’ and ‘The Tiger Child’. We used the books to support us in developing our use of adjectives and verbs. We used the outside and drama activities to inspire our writing and have produced some great Independent Writing about the stories. We have also looked at how to layout and punctuate direct speech.

As part of our weekly Grammar Blast we have been looking at homophones and we have practised using these correctly in our writing. In Spelling we have been looking at the prefixes ‘ir’, ‘il’, ‘im’ and ‘in’ and exploring how these change the meaning of the root word.

We have also worked hard in Guided Reading and have been developing our skills at asking questions, predicting and summarising. We have continued to practise these skills in our Reading Diaries.


As part of our Topic ‘Stories from Other Cultures’ we have used atlases and digital media to learn about the countries that ‘The Honey Hunter’ and ‘The Tiger Child’ were set in. We learnt about the amazing animals that are found in Africa and India and about the habitats they live in. We also learnt about African schools and compared a school day in Africa to our own school day.


In Maths we have completed lots of work on place value. We have ordered numbers and represented them in a variety of ways. We have also looked at what happens when you round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

We have looked at addition and subtraction using base 10 equipment and cubes to support our understanding. We explored how the two are linked by looking at the inverse. We also applied our strategies to word and reasoning problems.

In Class 10 we have also been learning both the 7 and the 4 times table using the 7 times table song and the 4 times table chant.


In Science we have really enjoyed learning all about ‘Electricity’. We have learnt what electricity is and how it was discovered. We have also looked at where electricity is used in the home and how to keep ourselves safe. We have made circuits and looked at how to make a circuit complete. In Class 10 we love investigations! We completed an investigation on electrical conductors. We used a selection of different materials and predicted and tested what would happen if we added these to a circuit.


In art the Year 4 children have been developing their sketching and shading skills. We have been looking at the tone and texture of fruit and have been using different shading techniques to attempt to replicate this. We have looked at shadows and explored ways to make an object look 3 dimensional.


We have completed a unit on gymnastics. We have been taught some key moves and sequences and have practised performing these.There are several children in Class 10 that take part in after school sports clubs and they have really enjoyed these. We have also had members of the class take part in a table tennis and a cross country competition. Well done to all the children who have competed in these!

P.E will continue to be taught throughout the year and will usually be taught on a Thursday and a Friday. We need to make sure we bring our full P.E kits into school on Monday and leave them in school throughout the week. There may be unscheduled P.E activities that take place at different times during the week and we need our P.E kits ready so we do not miss out.

We are looking forward to another fun year! Watch this space for lots of interesting and exciting updates about our work in Class 10!

Class 10