Year 1

Year 1 | The Milford Academy

Hello and welcome to the page for both Class 3 and 4! The teachers in Year 1 are called Miss Weatherall (Class 3) and Mrs Baggley (Class 4). Miss White and Mrs Gibson, will be supporting both classes.

Watch this space for updates and photos of the exciting learning taking place in Year 1.

This half term we have been learning all about explorers. The children have been busy making a Christopher Columbus’ ship, they went on an expedition to find a new island. We have also had a lot of snow days, which the children have had fun playing in.

The Children’s Christopher Columbus Ship.
The Children after they discovered a new island, they called Birthday Island.
Tiered after their expedition and discovery of Birthday Island.

The children have also been super busy with their English work, learning all about different explorers. Like Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus, Ibn Battuta and Felicity Aston.

Busy completing their English work.
Busy completing their English work.

In maths, the children have been using their baking trays for number fluency and using number mats to count forwards and backwards within 1-20.

Number Fluency Trays.
Number mat counting.

We have had a lot of exciting snow days, that we have made the most of playing in. We also talked about where snow comes from, what it feels like and what makes it melt.

Fun in the snow.
Fun in the snow.
Fun in the heavy snow.
Making snow angels.

Year 1 | The Milford Academy

Coming up…

Next half term we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London. Watch the Year 1 news and the Seesaw App to keep up to date with Year 1.

Mrs Baggley and Miss Weatherall