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Everyone Loves a Baby!

A massive Thank You to everyone who came and supported our Nativity on Thursday and Friday. Your children were fantastic and loved performing for you.

We are very proud of them all, whether they had long speaking parts, acting parts, solo or small group singing spots or sang in the choir with gusto.

Thank you for your positive comments of thanks and appreciation. It means a lot to the staff who work with your wonderful children every day!

EYFS Staff

Christmas Sing along

Congratulations Year 3!

We’re so proud of the way everyone in Year 3 sang and performed our Christmas songs.

Year 3 pupils showed great confidence and singing skills.

Well done,

Mrs Haslam

Super reading in Year 1!

Class 3 and 4 have been working very hard with our reading this half term. We have enjoyed reading stories that have linked to our topic of ‘Great Explorers’. We particularly enjoyed ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘Whatever Next’. In our continuous provision, we have been acting out the story of ‘Whatever Next’. We used a big cardboard box for the rocket (just as Bear did), bowls for helmets and welly boots as rocket blasters – it has been lots of fun and it’s really helped us with sequencing the story!

Children sharing a large copy of the book!

One child loved the story of Whatever Next so much that he chose the book as his prize for achieving his Bronze Band! We are so pleased that he loves the book as much as we do.

A wonderful choice for a Bronze Band prize!

We have given our reading corners a makeover to display our love of Rainbow Reading. The children are all enjoying using the reading corners to read together during our continuous provision time. We have been making good progress with our Rainbow Reading. Rainbow Reading books are chosen by the children – please enjoy them together at home.

We have been working hard on our phonics everyday this year. Please look out for our signs outside the classrooms which tell you the sounds we are working on throughout the week. To support us in class it would be great if you could practise reading and writing words with these sounds in at home.

Year 1 Team

Christmas in the City

On Wednesday 11th December the choir performed at The Royal Concert Hall with lots of other schools and a live orchestra.

Waiting to go on stage.

We sang ‘Never Too Late’ from the new Lion King film, ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ and ‘If Every Child Could’.

The children were given finger lights for dramatic effect and the orchestra played songs from Frozen II which we really enjoyed.

Performing with other schools at The Royal Concert Hall

Santa arrived at the end to spread Christmas cheer and congratulate on their fantastic performance!

Year 2 Team