Monthly Archives: December 2018

Christmas Events

Here are a few Christmas events for the last week of school;

  • Wednesday 19th December – Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day
  • Thursday 20th   December –  Party Day  (Non-uniform and party food)
  • Friday 21st December – Attendance  Assembly and Carol Service (2.00pm finish)

Mrs Haslam

Wonderful Christmas Performance

Congratulations Year 4 on  your performance, ‘Christmas Around the World’.  Parents and the rest of the school were treated to  beautiful singing, confident narration and  enthusiastic dancing!

Keep making progress with performance skills.

Well done Year 4!

Mrs Haslam

Investigating Buoyancy

The children have been learning all about buoyancy and what makes something buoyant. They have tested to see how the size of a piece of tin foil affects how well it floats. The children were amazed by the amount of paper clips and marbles the large square piece of tin foil would hold. They have learnt about how the surface area of the shape meant more water was displaced and therefore the foil could float with more weight on it.

Mrs Cassidy