NTU Clay Project

Year 3 had a fabulous time at Nottingham Trent University today.  They worked with a number of students in an art studio to bring their canopic jar designs to life!  They worked with clay and a number of different tools to become expert potters.  Their fantastic jars are going to be put in the kiln and then returned to school so that they can glaze them.  By Christmas, each child should have a beautiful, hand-crafted canopic jar of their own.

Adding in detail

Rolling the clay.

Shaping the Egyptian god.

Using our designs to help us!

Making a coil ready for the pot.

The children were an absolute delight to take and their behaviour during the session made us all proud.  All the Lower Key Stage Two staff would also like to thank the parents that came along to help – you made the trip go so smoothly!

Mrs Walker-Jones