Monthly Archives: September 2018

Sudbury Hall

Year 1 are going on a trip to Sudbury Hall on Thursday 11th October.

We will be leaving school promptly at 9.15am so please make sure your child is on time. We shall be back in time for the end of the school day.

Your child will need to be in school uniform but they do not need a packed lunch.

Please return the slip with a payment of £5 by Friday 5th October.

If you have any questions please come and ask us!

Year 1 Team

Bug Week

This week we have been reading the story of Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell.

We have had lots of fun exploring and learning. Take a look.

Making swirling patterns for Norman’s shell.

Playing with the playdough, look at the snails we have made.

We found  lots of bugs and insects in our sand.

On Tuesday we decided to go exploring, we visited the wildlife area and saw lots of fish in the pond.

The children were very careful when looking for bugs.

Making slime just like Norman the slug.

Hiding in boxes just like the snails was fun. Peek a boo !

Printing with cotton reels to make great shapes. Perfect for snail shells.

All the activities we enjoy help and encourage our fine and gross motor skills.

Printing, painting and writing with different objects is fun and help our fine motor skills by using the small muscles in our hands.

Running, jumping and walking around the school exploring helps with our gross motor skills using the large muscles in our arms and legs.

Mrs Lane



Communication Wallets

We now have new Year 1 communication wallets! Please check them regularly for letters and notes from school.

Please make sure your child brings them to school everyday.

Thank you,

Year 1 Team



Year 4 News Letter

The following news letter will be discussed at ‘Meet the Teacher’ on Tuesday 18th September and will be given to all Year 4 pupils on this day.

Welcome to Class 9 and Class 10 

The Year 4 team includes the Class 9 teacher Mrs Haslam and the Class 10 teacher Mr Goff. Also, supporting in Year 4 are Mrs Vaughan, Mr Rogers, Mrs Baker, Mrs Rowe and the sports coaches. We work closely together to make Year 4 a positive, fun experience where children work hard and achieve!



The children will have guided reading, spelling and times tables homework given to them on Monday. The children have a week to complete the guided reading and tables homework. Spellings will be tested on Fridays.


Class 9 have P.E. every Thursday afternoon.

Class 10 have P.E. every Wednesday afternoon.

Please ensure children have the appropriate kit.



Children will be given a cracker each day for a snack. Please could you contribute £1 per term for this (or £3 for the year).


Please check the website for news updates. Please let us know of any concerns in person or through written messages. We value communication with parents, please feel free to discuss any issue relating to your child with us.


Year 4 Curriculum

Please find the year 4 curriculum overview attached, alternatively look on our website for curriculum information and updates


We are all looking forward to a wonderful year in Class 9 and Class 10.

Thank you,

The Year 4 team

Walking Through The Jungle

Last week we looked at animals that live in the jungle. We made lots of different sounds and moved in different ways to mimic the animals. This is because we’ve been reading Walking Through The Jungle.

The children used  lots of different techniques to create animals. We mixed sand with paint for our lions, different textured stampers for the monkey and rollers with paint and seeds to create  our crocodile  amongst many other animals.

Sleeping bunnies became roaring lions.


Glue and tissue snakes.

Messy monkeys!

We moved in many different ways.

Spinning like a spider.

Baking in the sand kitchen.

We have enjoyed meeting and making new friends too. Our children are as welcoming as the staff. Well done children!

Mrs Gibson