Monthly Archives: September 2018

Autumn Walk

We would like to give you advance notice of an Autumn Walk we are planning for the Nursery children.

We will be walking from Nursery to the Flower Park, looking at different buildings and other things we may see on our walk to school. We will look at the different trees and the wildlife in the park before walking back via the shops.

We have decided to go on Tuesday 9th October in the afternoon (12.45pm) and on Wednesday 10th October in the morning (9.15am).

We can only go with the support of parents and adult friends so if you are able to help on either day please let a member of staff know and we can add you to the list. We would need around 10 extra adults per session.

Thank you

The Nursery Team

Year 2 Visit to Clifton View

The Year 2s represented our school very well when they visited Clifton View this week. Our first group of children (part of a 6 week project) went to find out about toys with some elderly residents. The children played games and chatted with their new friends. It was a rewarding experience for all concerned.

Mrs Baggley and Miss Watts

Sudbury Hall

Year 1 are going on a trip to Sudbury Hall on Thursday 11th October.

We will be leaving school promptly at 9.15am so please make sure your child is on time. We shall be back in time for the end of the school day.

Your child will need to be in school uniform but they do not need a packed lunch.

Please return the slip with a payment of £5 by Friday 5th October.

If you have any questions please come and ask us!

Year 1 Team

Bug Week

This week we have been reading the story of Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell.

We have had lots of fun exploring and learning. Take a look.

Making swirling patterns for Norman’s shell.

Playing with the playdough, look at the snails we have made.

We found  lots of bugs and insects in our sand.

On Tuesday we decided to go exploring, we visited the wildlife area and saw lots of fish in the pond.

The children were very careful when looking for bugs.

Making slime just like Norman the slug.

Hiding in boxes just like the snails was fun. Peek a boo !

Printing with cotton reels to make great shapes. Perfect for snail shells.

All the activities we enjoy help and encourage our fine and gross motor skills.

Printing, painting and writing with different objects is fun and help our fine motor skills by using the small muscles in our hands.

Running, jumping and walking around the school exploring helps with our gross motor skills using the large muscles in our arms and legs.

Mrs Lane