Snack Time Is Social Time

Our children love to share fun and laughter together. We enjoy spending time with them. My favourite time of the day is snack time and the preparation for it. It’s an opportunity to share conversations as well as showing off beautiful manners and wonderful social skills.

Everyone has enjoyed foraging for their snack.

The children who wouldn’t ordinarily taste certain foods have had a taste AND enjoyed it!

We have picked raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries from the school gardens. All of which was closely supervised.

In our garden we are growing beetroots, carrots, sweetcorn, runner-beans, tomatoes, lettuces and radishes.

We compared pulling out our first radish to finding gold!

Radishes are a little spicy.

Sometimes we have our snack outdoors.

The children invited Incy Wincy Spinder to our table one day. It promoted a lot of speech.

Although we appreciate that life can be hectic, setting aside time to share a meal is a very precious, educational experience.  If you could do it once or twice a week, we’re sure that you would enjoy it too.

Mrs Lane and I wish you a fun, safe summer break. We will be back on Wednesday 5th  September.

Mrs Gibson