Fine Motor Skills

This weeks story¬† is Boris. It’s a story about a monster who kisses and tickles. The children love it!

We want to show you some of the activities that we do on a regular basis. These activities help to develop their fine motors skills, which means using their fingers in small movements.

Tightening screws and using a screwdriver.

We have some skilled builders.

Digging, sprinkling, filling up and building in sand is great for little fingers.

Hammering and banging tools . We love noise!

Scooping and pouring water.

We made scrumptious delights with playdough.

Our boys have enjoyed connecting with screw and bolts in the vice too.

We potted up tomatoes yesterday.

Obviously colouring in, writing and drawing are good activities to improve fine motor skills but as you can see there are many more fun activities which can improve them.

Mrs Gibson