Birthday Bonanza

It has been a week full of birthday celebrations this week, with three of our children turning three years old. Everyone has had a wonderful time celebrating with food, singing and dancing.

Here is a tiny snapshot of our week:

Everyone contributed towards the baking of two big birthday cakes.

After all of the hard work whisking, our birthday girl earned the job of licking the whisk.

Our ‘threenagers’ enjoyed being sung to.

Peek-a-boo birthday surprise.

We took balloons on to the school field and ran with them.

We added to our science experience this week by making simple slime out of wash gel and PVA glue.

It was stretchy, gooey and sticky.

Not everyone enjoyed the texture but most loved it!

Some of the children ‘lost their feet’.

We will return for our next opportunity of learning through fun on Tuesday June 5th.

Enjoy a wonderful week off!

Mrs GibsonĀ