Splendid Singing

This week children from KS1 and Year 3 have taken part in two singing concerts. In the first concert, Year 3 were able to show off all of the hard work they’d put into learning the songs for Project Royal to their friends and family. They definitely wowed Mr Magner with their amazing singing and actions!¬†For the second concert the KS1 choir and a small group of Year 3’s visited Clifton View Care Home and performed a variety of songs for the residents. The children especially enjoyed performing “Reach” by S Club 7, as lots of the residents joined in with the actions. Overall we are very proud of the singing that has taken place this week and we would like to thank both of our audiences for their tremendous support!

Year 3 singing at Clifton View.

Performing at the after-school concert.

KS1 Choir singing at Clifton View.

Miss Watts