Dinosaur Week

This week we have been exploring textures and using our imaginations regarding dinosaurs.

We have painted on, built up, crunched through, stomped over and hidden under different materials with small world and imaginary figures of dinosaurs.

We read Dinosaurs Love Underpants. The children also chose to revisit a book from  a few weeks ago, Marvin Gets Mad after they completed the display. They enjoy joining in with the shouting and stomping involved.

Our World Book Day tokens were exchanged for a new book for each child, Oi Goat.

We carefully plan each activity to aid the children’s development and personal targets. It’s always interesting to see how the children use the equipment and adapt our planning in very different ways. Each week the children deliver a new twist on our plans.

We are here to embrace their thoughts and ideas to stretch our own  imaginations ready for the plans for the coming week.

The plan was to build a dinosaur/monster.

As the weather was unexpectedly warm the children asked for the boxes to be taken outdoors.

Dinosaur becomes a robot.

A box kitchen

Dinosaur skin den.

What fabulous imaginations your children have. They made a bus, car, cradle, house and a post office with the boxes too.

Next week we will become super heroes and learn about the heroes in our everyday lives.

Mrs Gibson