Class 5 Helpful Hints for Parents

As some children will complete their homework faster than others, here is a list of things to work on with them in the lead up to SATs. Not all of these things need to be written down or take any length of time but might prove useful on a rainy day or in a traffic jam to keep your child busy!

  • For reading – Read little and often and as many different texts as you can – it could be a leaflet, bus timetable, menu, comic or magazine as well as different types of books.
  • If they are reading stories – talk about what is going to happen next, how characters are feeling and their actions and get them to have an opinion of their own about what they have read.
  • For writing – practise spellings that we gave out in reading diaries – can you spell them with magnetic letters, play hangman or with letters jumbled?
  • Encourage writing for different purposes – make a scrapbook or diary if you go on holiday, writing cards, shopping lists or birthday gift lists.
  • Encourage a use of a dictionary to check spellings (this could be online but watch out for
  • American spellings!)
  • Practise handwriting – some of you have had letter formation for homework – go back through the reading diary and practise tricky letters
  • For Maths – timetables 2x, 5x, 10x in random order (we recommend Hit the Button but chanting them in the car is fine!)
  • Counting from and back from any number between 10 and 100 (and beyond if this proves too easy)
  • Look at and use coins to pay for something and to work out change
  • Practise 0’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to on an analogue  clock (this means a clock with hands) then move on to 5 past, 10 past etc.
  • Look out for numbers on street signs, car registrations etc. Can they tell you how many tens and units are in numbers? eg. 39 is 3 tens and 9 units
  • For budding bakers – identify weigh and measure ingredients using scales and jugs
  • Thank you for your continued support.Miss Broughton