2nd March 2018- School Closed

Dear Parents/Carers

I am sorry to inform you we have reluctantly decided to close school tomorrow (2nd March 2018) in agreement with Blessed Robert. Both staffs made a huge effort to get school open today but the forecast means the temperature will stay below freezing and this means that the risk of falls coming to and from school becomes far greater. Furthermore, a number of staff will be unable to travel to school tomorrow safely by car and public transport is not an option either. We hope that you understand the reason for this decision and the timing of it to help you make child-care arrangements for tomorrow.

Any decisions on school closures are notified on the Nottingham City Council website, publicised on the radio and updated, where possible, on the School website. It is our intention to open on Monday when it is hoped the temperature is higher. Unfortunately, frozen pipes are also effecting our water supply so there are genuine Health & Safety considerations here we need to sort out. Unfortunately MOOSE will also be closed tomorrow night.

Yours sincerely

Mr. D. Magner

Head Teacher