Social Skills

We spend much of our time promoting social skills with the children. In turn this improves all aspects of their learning.

Here are some of the advantages:

The children are encouraged to try and share new activities.

Together the children share ideas whilst chatting.

They mimic, try to succeed, create mess then tidy up together.

This week everyone made jam sandwiches before eating together.

Our birthday boy chose to make pizza with his friends.

Our favourite time is snack time. This is when we encourage the children to chat with us and their friends. We recall recent events, share their news and views, thoughts and ideas.

Speech is greatly improved during session times. Mrs Lane and I love to speak and listen to your children.

We often put their ideas and wishes into practice. One of the children asked for a doctors set and the others agreed so here it is…

Our dolls have been well cared for, using our new doctors set.

The children can use and improve their social skills in groups or when playing alone, during role play.

Role play for our young, acting doctor.

The children wrote in their Valentine cards, which they made last week.

We read ‘Marvin Gets Mad’ this week. It is a story about a sheep who couldn’t reach an apple. The children enjoyed the shouting and stamping of feet that it involved.

Our songs of the week were ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ and ‘Five Current Buns’.

We hope that you have a wonderful week off!

Mrs Gibson