Monthly Archives: February 2018

Teddy Bears Picnic

This half term we have been reading books all about bears and we have finished our topic by having a teddy bears picnic.

Our teddies joined us at Nursery.

Introducing our teddies to Nursery life

Getting ready for our games

We had some yummy food at carpet time with our teddies, then we played some fun games in the hall.

Sleeping teddies

Mrs Smith

New Equipment

We have had some new equipment delivered and we love it!

We have some new outdoor construction toys, where we can build different shapes, paths and vehicles.  These help develop teamwork, communication skills and problem solving.

We have a new balance bike which we love.  This helps us to improve our balance, coordination and confidence.

We have some new small construction inside, where we can make different figures and models and they connect using magnets.  This equipment helps to develop our problem solving, social skills, fine motor skills and imagination.

Mrs Smith

Nursery make pancakes

Nursery joined in to celebrate pancake day.

We mixed the batter and the teachers had to cook the pancakes for us.  They even managed to toss the pancakes high in the air! We stood from the kitchen door, watching and smelling the pancakes.

Waiting for the pancakes to cook

Once they had cooled, they were ready to eat.

We chose different toppings to put on our pancakes.  They were delicious and some of us even went back for seconds and thirds!

Mrs Smith

Holiday Homework

Dear parents and carers,

Over the half-term holiday the children in Class 14 will not be receiving Guided Reading tasks to complete as their books will be collected in on Thursday (15th February 2018). Due to this, they will receive some generic general knowledge, history and geography tasks to complete over the week. Please note, they need to complete 5 challenges to a good and detailed standard.

If you have any questions regarding this homework then please feel free to come and see me.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hickling

Guitarists Perform at Holy Trinity Church

This week, six guitarists took part in an Area Band concert at Holy Trinity Church. The children played and sang three pieces alongside children from local schools. They did a fantastic job and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to perform as part of a large group. Thank you to all the parents that attended the concert to support their children!

Waiting to go on stage.

Miss Watts