Winter Wonders

This week the children have been learning about winter.

We bid a fond farewell to one of our children who chose to make cake and dance on her final day. She’s only moved next door to our fabulous nursery.

Here is a snapshot of our week:

Birthday girl.

There were mixed reviews on the end result.

All of our children enjoy dancing. We do so most days. It’s a fun way to improve balance and coordination.

Each of the children made a penguin.

Drop in to find your child’s penguin which are displayed alongside their personalised Inuits.

The children have been dressing in warm winter clothes.

Dressing dolls is an excellent way to improve self help skills. It also teaches children how to control their fine motor muscles, which are the small and fiddly movements where we usually use our fingers.

Our dolls have been dressed appropriately too.

Tucked up with cosy blankets.

Putting on socks.

Covering up toes.

Painting winter scenes.

Arctic creatures were frozen into ice. The children were asked how they might get them out. There was a lot of discussion. Their experiments were very closely supervised.

Here is what they came up with:


Hammer time!

Finally the children poured on warm water and the creatures were free.

Making new friends.


Next week we will be focusing on mark making.

Mrs Gibson