Busy, busy busy!

Our first week has been super busy!

Wonderful new children have joined our setting. We are delighted that our original children have been extremely welcoming, helping to settle the new starters quickly. You should all be very proud of how wonderful your children are!

Here is a small snap shot of our week…

Threading fruit loops and having a cheeky nibble.

Braving the stage to show off his threading skills.

“Look everyone, I painted my Daddy!”

Having a boogie.

Unique food creations.

Playing together.

Improving our balance and leg muscles.

Imaginative cookery.

Sharing ‘Imagination Soup’.

Getting to know one another.

Making some NOISE!

Creating rhythms.

Running then calling commands, “stop, go!”

Discovering that you need glue in order for the tissue to stick.

Imaginative snack time.

Unprompted cleaning.


Being loving and caring.


Taking turns.

Balancing to improve risk taking skills.

Stepping and jumping.

Filling and pouring.

Daring to go down on tummies.

Next week we will begin our topic on winter. We’ll be discussing the science behind snow, frost and ice. Giving the children a choice of clothes to wear in the cold weather. Dressing the dolls appropriately for the season. We will also be creating a new winter display with our budding artists.