Important Dates for Next Week and Show Stoppers

We have a busy week coming up:

On Monday the children will be taking home beautiful handmade Christmas gifts for their families.






On Tuesday we’ll be visiting the Nursery again as some of the children will be moving up after Christmas.

On Wednesday we’re having our Christmas party.

Thursday is very special as Santa Claus will be visiting us with a sack full of gifts.

Friday is the last day of term. It’s sure to be extremely exciting!

It has been a busy week, full of imagination.

We took turns in taking to the stage.

It was too slippy to go outdoors on Monday so the snow came indoors.

We learned a little about animals who live in the snow.

Our snowmen display was completed.

Each of us has been creative and constructive.

Following instructions to go backwards, forwards, stop and go became a doddle.

We took part in Christmas jumper day.

Our families played guess who?

We connected our home life with imaginative play in our doctors surgery. Our children are extremely caring!

We relaxed whilst reading.

A jumper prompted Gruffalo half hour.

Well done to those families who are clearly tracing words with their fingers as they read to their children. It’s moving them forward towards a bright reading future.

Mrs Gibson