Book Lovers

Our book of the week was Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell. The children have been listening to the story, looking at the pictures, following the text with their fingers, reenacting the story through movement and speech then creating artwork by using there fine motor skills in order to make a fabulous display.

Drawing spirals and decorating them

Scrunching up tissue paper

Cutting out shapes

Decorating with small stickers

Sooner than making slime we made something squishy. You can make this easily at home:

Tear up a toilet roll

Grate a bar of soap and mix together

Add water, a little at a time

Mix together with your hands and enjoy squishing

You can make squidgy snowballs!

We have developed a love of reading

We’ve begun to make Christmas decorations…

The paintbrush tickles

Our tree topper

Our tree

We each made a bauble

We carefully guided gold thread through the baubles loop

During one of our many unplanned activities we planted the seeds from our apples. We have conversations about where our food and drink comes from every day during snack time.

Planting apple pips

There was some unprompted balancing too…

Balance bowl

Balancing on a saucepan

One very kind lady knitted our dolls some clothes a couple of years ago. They are keeping them very cosy in this cold weather. Thank you Mrs Wilson.

Cosy dolls

We’d also like to thank one of our Mummys, Mrs Suffield who donated a beautiful bag of toys. We have and will continue to enjoy playing with them.

Mrs Gibson