Home Experiences

Today we have enjoyed using spots and circles, which was our theme for Children in Need.

We painted using cotton buds

We looked fabulous!

Most of us know what a circle is now

We’ve been talking about home

We’ve been talking about our favourite foods

Some of us bake at home

Tidying up our toys can be so much fun. We do this every day.

Early computer skills come from battery operated toys. We talked about our favourite toys.

We all use different types of transport. Cars, trams, pushchairs, scooters, bikes…

We learn to count in the most unusual ways. Stairs, friends, toys, hoola hoops…

We enjoy being read to, it encourages us to love books.

You teach us so many skills at home without even realising their importance.

As well as making sandwiches this week we also made a cake.

After Halloween some of us were frightened so we ate the spooks, which made us feel happy.

Lots of us bake with our families. We shared our experiences with our friends before washing up.

Another fabulous week!

Mrs Gibson