Fireworks & Mathematical Language

We have been discussing fireworks this week. Everyone has seen and heard them. The children told us how they looked and what they sounded like so we used their language and transferred it into movements and art:

Kitchen roll tubes…




Old Calpol syringes…


We used a salad spinner to create our next piece of art




We made our own fizz by mixing bicarbonate soda and vinegar…

Carefully spoon in some bicarbonate soda

Add some vinegar

We watched it fizz

And make bubbles

We put in a cork

When we pulled the cork out again it went POP!

Our art work looks fabulous!

A veggie hot dog was well deserved treat to end the week

We’ve been using mathematical language too…

Up and…


Full and…


In and out

Through and…


Forwards and back

Over and…



Open and…



Wet and…


Push and pull

Using this language with your children will improve their maths skills

The garden produced this magnificent purple carrot

It was yummy!

Next week we’re hoping to start collecting empty cereal boxes. If you have any please could you bring them in?

Remember that we’ll be taking part in Children in Need next week. I know that we’ll be baking, will you?

We look forward to seeing you!

Mrs Gibson