Developing Writing Skills

With this weeks photographs we hopeĀ  to give you ideas on how to aid your children’s writing skills. Most of these skills do not even involve a writing tool.

Many movements that are done in everyday life help your child to develop without you even realising. You might teach your child to unscrew a lid or take a tissue from a box, little things like this are a huge help because they aid fine motor skills.

Here is a snapshot of our week:

Eating small items of food with our fingers

Cutting and manipulating playdough

Stacking toys or objects

Pouring liquids. This could be playing with yogurt pots and spoons in the bath

Balancing small items to build a tower

Drinking or blowing bubbles through a straw

Using tweezers or easy to use chop sticks to pick up small objects

Using tweezers or fingers and thumbs to roll small objects down a tube. You could use sultanas to roll down a kitchen roll tube

We swirled in Gelli Baff. At home you could mix flour with a little water on a tray


Many nursery rhymes cause us to wriggle our fingers. Here we’re singing Tommy Thumb

Point to the words as you read a story

Children quickly learn to point to the words. which is the beginning of a life of reading

Finger painting using an unused ice-cube tray with some unexpected farm animals to gallop across the page

Paint in a sealed bag can cause a stir!

Dressing and nursing dolls

Manipulating jigsaw puzzles

Swirling and swishing the sand. Again this could be flour on a tray

Using glue sticks to be creative

Posting small objects is even more fun when you race with a friend

Using small objects to make a picture

Shape sorting

Building a train track

Making a decorative den for dinosaurs

These are just a few ideas to improve your child’s fine motor skills through play.

The children initiated lots of hide and seek games this weeks too:




Hide and seek is fun!

Finally a huge thank you to the lovely Mummy who made us a pumpkin pinata . We had a lot of fun breaking it…

Mummy’s pumpkin pinata

Mrs Gibson