Monthly Archives: October 2017

Attendance W/E Thursday 19th October 2017

Our attendance this week was 94.9%

Class 10 had the best attendance.

Classes 1 and 11 were all on time every day, well done.

Have an enjoyable half term.

School re-opens on Monday 30th October 2017.

Mrs Butler

Super Attendance for Class 6

Well done to all children, parents and carers! Class 6 achieved 98.1% attendance for the half term – I am very proud. This will help all children make progress. Keep it up next half term. Have a lovely half term break.

Mrs Baggley

Finished Farming and Birthday Celebrations

This week has seen the completion of our farm display. Each child made a farm animal before choosing a farm figure to stick a photograph of their own face on. It caused much laughter. Come and have a look at their hard work and a smile at their figures.

Old McDonald’s Farm

The children’s next project was to make a shop.

First we all took turns to paint boxes

Next we sealed and strengthened it with PVA glue

It was quite a messy job!

Our cheeky chappy decided to turn the shop counter into a car – very creative

Since opening the shop has been busy

There has been a great deal of imaginative play linked to the children’s own experiences

Did you know that carrots grow under the ground?

Eggs have a hard shell but are soft inside when boiled. They come from a chicken

We made our own sandwiches

Some children chose to make a cheese sandwich

Others chose to make ham sandwiches

Many of the children combined sandwich fillings. They enjoy making independent choices

The children had chosen to make the sandwiches to celebrate their friends birthday. We all had a lovely time

Later in the week the children gathered for Dolly’s birthday. They made her playdough cakes

Playdough aids the children’s fine motor skills. Look how proud she is, wonderful !

Old McDonald likes to slide, ee-i-ee-i-o

“I’m painting this one for my Mamma”

Everyone enjoyed blowing bubbles in their milk, especially Mrs Gibson



Unprompted art on the textured floor extended extended around the entire garden

Choosing the right tool for the job and linking this to life experiences

We have an inset day tomorrow followed by a weeks holiday. Have lots of fun everyone and we’ll look forward to hearing all about any visits and adventures when we return on the 30th October.

Mrs Gibson