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Book Club Reopens Monday 6th November

Mrs Vaughan’s Book Club will reopen on Monday 6th November. Children may bring in money up to a £1 per week in a named envelope, on a Monday morning and the Book Club Monitors will collect and record it between 9-9.30am.

Please see our page under School Life – Clubs – Book Club for any more information or come and see me.

Mrs Vaughan

Come and See Our School Library!

Throughout Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 1st November and Thursday 2nd November, I will be available in our school library. Please come along, have a look round, perhaps have a read of a book or two. I will be there to answer any questions or queries.

Hope to see you there.

Mrs Vaughan

Always Improving!

Class 12 have been writing setting descriptions!  We have learned that that as good writers we need to be able to proof read and also edit and improve our work.  Miss Nicholson helps us practise this by writing up sentences from our work that have common errors, we then have to work together to spot the errors! She also copies example sentence that can be edited and improved and we have to use a thesaurus to ‘uplevel’ these sentences.

After this, we work in pairs to spot errors in our own writing. We also edit and improve our writing, with a particular focus on improving our use of vocabulary.  Today we focused on improving are use of fronted adverbials (remembering the comma!) and ‘uplevelling’ boring words like ‘got’ and ‘went’.

Miss Nicholson

Working hard to improve our setting descriptions . Our first draft is never our best – we need to keep improving!

Parents’ Evening

Dear parents and carers,

Just to remind you, it is Class 14’s Parents’ Evening tonight (Tuesday 31st October) and on Thursday (2nd November).

Everyone has received an appointment, however if you have misplaced this time or forgotten then you can see the timetable slots on our class exit door. If you are unable to make the appointment then please let me know as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Many thanks

Mrs Hickling