Crich Tramway Museum

Monkeys and Cubs had a great time at the Crich Tramway Village on Thursday. We spent some time in the woodland listening to stories, and even saw the troll under the Billy Goats’ bridge, where the Big Billy Goat Gruff had tossed him.

We learned all about the Green Man of the forest and listened to a story about the fairies who live in the woods, but are never seen by humans.

We rode on some of the very old trams and were very good at spotting similarities and differences between them and the trams we use to get to Nottingham.

Of course, a lovely sunny afternoon wouldn’t be the same without a delicious ice-cream.

The teachers would like to thank all the parents and friends who came to support us and help to look after all the children – we couldn’t have done it without you!

We were very proud of all the children and the way they behaved and represented the Milford Academy at the museum and on the coaches – Well done Monkeys and Cubs!

Mrs Simons and Mrs Litchfield