Monthly Archives: June 2017

Class 6 Coral Reef Work

Class 6 found out about that coral reefs are endangered today. They found out that they are being bleached because of pollution. They learnt that by telling others they can help to spread the word and stop these beautiful habitats being destroyed. They have made some posters in their topic books. Please ask your children what we can do to save coral reefs and what causes them to become bleached. We are sure they will want to share their knowledge with you!

Mrs Baggley

Rushcliffe Country Park

Dear all parents and carers,

On Tuesday, Class 11 received a letter about a trip to Rushcliffe Country Park next Friday. This will be the last trip of Year 5 and hopefully give the children a chance to enjoy the local area with one another prior to breaking up for the Summer holidays.

If you could ensure that all permission slips are returned as soon as possible it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hickling


Well done to those children who have been completing their 5 Reading Diary tasks every week. This is great preparation for your transition into Year 2!

Keep up the good work.

Miss Marshall

The Nursery children meet Dexter and Red!

We had 2 four legged friends join us at Nursery.  Whilst learning about pets, Mrs Smith brought in her dogs to meet us, so that we can learn how to take care of animals and how to be safe and responsible around dogs.

We gave the dogs a biscuit, stroked and brushed them and played with them.  Their favourite toys were the tennis balls.  We took it in turns to throw them as far as we could and they had to chase the ball and bring it back.

Throwing the ball for Red

We loved having them at Nursery for the day!

Mrs Smith