Monthly Archives: May 2017

Stay and Play Gardening Day

We had our nursery Stay and Play gardening day, where parents and family members came to join us for the session and we took part in lots of gardening activities together.

As always, we had so many people attend and the staff would like to thank everyone for giving up their time to join us.

We had our fingers crossed for some sunny weather, and it worked!  It was the only day of the week where the rain stayed away and the sun shone bright!

Here are some photos of what we did…

Filling our pots with compost

Choosing our ‘mystery bean’

Hiding the bean in the compost

Watering our plant

Making a grass head

Lots of funny looking grass heads!

Playing in the mud kitchen

Mark making


Mrs Smith

Attendance W/E Friday 19th May 2017

Our attendance this week was 95.1%

Class 11 had 100% attendance, well done!

Class 5 had great attendance too.

Classes 3, 10, 11, 12 and 15 were all on time every day.

Mrs Butler

New Life

As well as learning about people growing up this half term and sharing our baby photos, we have been watching a pigeon, who has decided to make her nest in a tree overhanging our playground. We can see her sitting on her eggs and are watching every day to see if we can see the chicks when they hatch.

One of our parents very kindly treated us to some caterpillars to look after until they become butterflies. We have been watching them grow, and have been fascinated by the hairs on them!

They have been eating the special food in the bottom of their pot and we are expecting them to turn into chrysalides very soon. Watch this space for more news and pictures!

Mrs Simons

Sealife Centre

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Birmingham Sealife Centre and behaved beautifully!

They have been writing about all the facts they learnt about the amazing sea creatures and habitats they saw whilst they were there.

We managed to escape the jaws of a great white shark!

Mrs Baggley