Monthly Archives: January 2017

Class Reward

The marble jar is nearly full again. This is due to the continued hard work in Class 4. All the children are aware of ‘The Milford Values’ and are doing their best to follow them. One child is only 1 tick away from earning  a silver band which is very exciting!

The children voted and have decided to have an afternoon of wheels action!  On either Tuesday 7th February or Thursday 9th February all the class can bring in their bikes, scooters, roller skates etc (with a helmet) and whizz around the yard.  Unfortunately they will not be able to ride without a helmet. We will put them in the classroom, so a padlock will not be needed.

I will send out a note to confirm the day.

Mrs Atamaniuk

We’re Going on a Bug Hunt!

Class 10 have been on a bug hunt! As part of our Science work on Habitats we explored the school bug garden and noted down what insects we found and where we found them. We found ants, beetles, spiders, larvae and slugs.

Class 10

Road Safety Quiz 2017

Dear parents and carers,

This morning, Class 11 participated in the Road Safety Quiz with Year 5 and 6. The total average of correct answers from the Year 5 and 6 pupils was 79% which is very good. I would however, encourage your child to read the Road Safety Quiz leaflet that they were given to reinforce how to keep safe on the road whether they’re on foot or bike.

Many thanks

Mrs Hickling