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As part of our enterprise week, we cordially invite you to a tea party on the playground at 2.30pm on Thursday 8th June.

For just £1 you can have a cup of tea and a cake.

There will also be cakes for sale and games to play. Please come along and support KS1’s endeavours  to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and to make a profit (which will be spent on the children) !

KS2 will also be selling their wares from their classrooms.

KS1 Team

Scavenger Hunt

Just before half term the children took their learning outside and took part in a Scavenger Hunt. The items they were looking for were all linked to measurement – a stick 10cms long, the smallest stone amongst other things.

The children really enjoyed it, despite the fact that it started raining!

Scavenger hunt 1

scavenger hunt 2

Mrs Atamaniuk

Attendance W/E Friday 27th May 2016

Our attendance this week was 95%

Classes 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 12 were all on time every day.

Have a great half term break.

See you all on Monday 6th June.

Mrs Butler

Life Cycles of Plants

This week, the children of Class 12 started their new Science topic called ‘Life Cycles’.  In this topic, they will be learning about the life cycles of amphibians, humans and plants.  To begin the sessions on plants, the children went outside to find examples of flowers and they took photographs of them using iPads.  They could only keep five of the photos that they took and they could only keep the best.  They then cropped and edited these photos to improve them further.  Then they used these photos to name the different parts of the flower.  Later in the week, the children will be using these pictures in an art session in which they will sketch the flowers from these images.

Here are some of the children having fun in the sun and exploring the beautiful gardens of Milford…

Miss Nicholson

resize1 resize2 resize3 resize4

Year 4 Newstead Abbey Camp

Year 4 pupils were amazing on the Newstead Abbey camp. They showed respect, gained confidence and had a wonderful experience!

boat shot

For more details and photographs see-  Off Site Learning – Newstead Abbey Camp 2016.

Mrs Haslam