Monthly Archives: September 2015

Monkeying Around with Image Theatre!

Class 5, along with the rest of the school, really enjoyed a visit from Image Theatre Company on Monday 28th September. We enjoyed learning the songs which accompanied the production of The Jungle Book and one of our children was chosen to take part as a monkey in the final performance.

Miss Broughton

Art Enrichment’s Wonderful Watercolours

This week, children refined their watercolour techniques while working on landscapes. Colours were blended softly with plenty of water to create faded affects. Fine details were applied for the finishing touch!

resize watercolour   resize lucy

Mrs Haslam

Art Club Explore Chalk

Art Club have been experimenting with chalk this week! They streaked,  smudged and blended colours to create  subtle images and vivid patterns.

resize pattern

Mrs Haslam


Amazing University Sessions!

Upper Key Stage Two were lucky enough to have some visitors from Nottingham Trent University on Friday 25th September.  During this session, the children of year 5 and 6 learned all about going to university.  They learned about the sort of courses they could do; they learned about what they have to do to get to university; they learned all about where they could live if they go to university; and they learned what sort of hobbies/activities they could do in their spare time at university.  The children were also lucky enough to meet some real life university students!

Miss Nicholson