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Class 5

Class 5
Welcome to Class 5. Class 5 is taught by Mrs Atamaniuk and supported by Miss Beri, Miss Knowles and Miss Ralph.

This half term has been incredibly busy. Here are just a few of the highlights.


This term we have been learning all about nocturnal animals and writing extremely exciting reports about them! We have researched and written about badger, bats, hedgehogs and owls. Did you know that gardeners leave cat food and milk out for hedgehogs so they protect their vegetables from slimy slugs and crunchy snails?

We have also been looking at character descriptions and in particular looking at Sarah and her brothers, who are the owls from ‘Owl Babies’. This story is written by Martin Waddell. Also, we looked at Baby Badger and discussed how he feels at different times in the story. Are you aware that Baby Badger was frightened of the dark at the beginning of the story? When Papa Badger showed him the colour lights in the night sky he wasn’t scared anymore!

Class 5’s phrase of the term is: Are you aware….


In Class 5, we have been working exceedingly hard in Numeracy. This term we have looked at lots of different things. These include co-ordinates, you must always remember: across the corridor and up the stairs! Also we have looked at money, we pretended we were shop keepers and got to give each other change and buy things. It was a really fun week!


In our SEAL lessons which stands for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning, we have been having lots of conversations about Bullying. Bullying is when you are repeatedly mean to somebody. This can be physically or by teasing or name calling. If you are being bullied it is important that you tell somebody you trust like a teacher or your parents. If you see somebody being bullied and you just stand there and you don’t tell somebody, that means you are a bystander. That is why it is always extremely important to let someone know, you could also tell a member of the school council or an older child that you know (if you trust them).


Class 5 have been growing their potatoes for the school potato growing competition. After chitting out potatoes for a few weeks, we planted them and have been waiting for them to grow. We go out to water them every week (if it hasn’t rained) and we have been topping them up so they have the best chance to grow! We are hoping that we are going to win the competition. We have our green fingers crossed!



In P.E we have been playing lots of team games. These are helping us to make relationships with the people in our class. Also in the last few weeks, we have started to play handball. This is a very tricky game because you have to use your hands and feet and run at the same time and catch a ball. Although it is difficult, we are having lots of fun and we can’t wait to carry on playing next half term!


Because we have been looking at nocturnal animals in Literacy, our art projects this half term have all been to do with the different creatures. We have made hedgehogs out of different colour card and straws, also we had made some extremely exciting puppets. Sock puppets, bag puppets and spoon puppets are just some of the different badger items we have made.

Have a look at some of the pictures below of our amazing project:

bag puppet

Class 5 , Mrs Atamaniuk and Miss Beri.

Wheel Workshop

Dear parents and carers,

On Friday afternoon, Class 7 are having their reward for reaching the top of their marble jar. The children have chosen to have a ‘Wheel Workshop’ where they can bring in their: bike, scooter, roller blades/skates etc. However, in order to remain safe the children will need to bring in their helmet. Those children who do not have a helmet will not be able to ride their wheels.

Although it is the last day of school and the reward is taking place during the afternoon, all children must come into school in their school uniform.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hickling

Nottingham in Bloom Finalist


Scarlett, a Year 5, member of Art Enrichment group created this wonderful Autumnal watercolour tree which was chosen as a finalist in the Nottingham in Bloom painting competition.

Well done Scarlett!

Winning Milford Designer


wicker sculpture

A Milford Academy pupil has had her winning  design made into a wicker sculpture. Millie, a  Year 6 member of Art Enrichment group,  created a theatre mask design to represent the arts in Nottingham. The completed sculpture will be displayed in the city centre next month. Look out for Millie’s creation!